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Wine Barrel Stave

Wine Barrel Stave

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Fantail / Pīwakawaka among Manuka Flowers 

The Fantail is a small insectivorous bird that is almost never still.  The birds are famous for their fan shaped tails. They are not shy and happily flit about chasing small flying insects.  They perform great midair acrobatic moves which make them a joy to watch.

Certain times of the year they visit my garden to feed on the small flying insects I disturb while tidying my garden.  I have had many close encounters.

I have created this piece on a French oak wine barrel stave.

For this piece I have used Acrylic paint and finished with a Satin Varnish.

For interior display only.

Approximately 60 cm long x 8 cm wide x 2.5 thickness. 




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